Talks about possible Tik-Tok headquarters in Frankfurt still ongoing


Kiel Mutschelknaus

The Chinese start-up Bytedance, which owns Tik Tok, extremely popular especially with young people, and under extreme political discussions because of Trump´s block, is now planning a new headquarters in Europe. According to press reports, London is currently the top favorite when choosing a location. But the uncertain outcome of Brexit and the associated restrictions on the internal market of the European Union are delaying the Chinese group’s final decision. Frankfurt seems to believe that the company could settle here.

In that regards, Mayor Peter Feldmann met with the Chinese Consul General Sun Congbin on Thursday (September 10th, 2020) to talk to him about his choice of location and to promote Frankfurt am Main .

Before, At the end of July, Mayor Feldmann wrote a letter to the CEO of the company “Bytedance” to propose Frankfurt as the future location of the new headquarters for TikTok in Europe . “

For Frankfurt this is an enormous economic opportunity”, says Feldmann, because “Investments are a major financial factor for us as a municipality”. The city’s central location is also an advantage: “Not to be forgotten is the central location in the heart of Europe and our airport, which is one of the most active aviation hubs in the world.”

“Bytedance is a young, dynamic company that would fit well in our city. Not least because a number of well-known companies from the Far East such as Nintendo as well as start-ups from the region already have their headquarters in Frankfurt, ”explains Feldmann to the consul.

He also hopes for further talks with the company as soon as the travel restrictions due to the Corona crisis are lifted.

Nevertheless, the fact that the company may be bought by Microsoft and especially Oracle, can have a decisive impact on the final decision.

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