Marvin Steinberg proposed for “Order of the Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany”


The Mainz entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg has been proposed for the Order of the Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The 32-year-old confirms: Of course, I am delighted that my social commitment is to be honored in this way.

At the same time, Marvin Steinberg emphasizes that his work has never been about honors or awards. He wants to be there for people, be they customers or those looking for help: I ​​see myself as having a close relationship between entrepreneurial and social engagement. Even more: they form both sides of the same coin. That’s why I always give full throttle in both areas.

Mask donation in the extreme (respiratory) distress

Marvin Steinberg has already proven that these are not just empty words. More than once. Particularly noticeable in May 2020, in the middle of the Corona crisis.

My brother Aron Steinberg is a curative educator and, when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, had to experience the intolerable conditions in the social field at first hand, recalls Marvin Steinberg. The worst part was that there were no mouth and nose protective masks in sufficient quantities in the spring of 2020. So my brother asked me for help.

Because word got around in the family that Marvin Steinberg repeatedly proves his qualities as a maker. And that far beyond the country’s borders.

Given the acute shortage of masks, his excellent international business relationships have proven to be salvation in need, the Mainz native explains: Thanks to my excellent connections abroad, I was even able to find sources of supply when the market for respiratory masks was generally considered empty in the spring. So I was able to import several million FFP2 and OP masks within a few days. Of course, I complied with all legal requirements. Fair precedence — even in emergencies!

Hospitals, older people’s homes, fire departments, and other recipients could be happy — thanks to Marvin Steinberg

Marvin Steinberg made this contingent of face and nose protective masks available to Mainz’s city free of charge. This, in turn, distributed these infection control agents to hospitals and older people’s homes. A part was also made available to the Croatian twin city Zagreb. With which Marvin Steinberg not only contributed to health care but also rendered a valuable service to international understanding.

Marvin Steinberg did not forget fire brigades, pharmacies, and other mask distribution points during this campaign. These material and financial donations were made possible by entrepreneurial courage: All in all, I imported several million protective masks, explains Marvin Steinberg, to emphasize immediately: And at your own risk. This risk has not only paid off, ideally. Because according to Marvin Steinberg, the German government has also expressed interest in the masks. We were of course very pleased.

Keyword valuable services: Marvin Steinberg has been committed to this motto since he dedicated himself to his passion, entrepreneurship. Since then, he has shown full strength in business life and total commitment to social engagement.

Marvin Steinberg was once one of the youngest managing directors in the field of private electricity consumption optimization. He led his young start-up from a nobody to a global player within a few months in this branch. His work was so successful that Marvin Steinberg could sell this shooting star to a well-known US energy company for a small sum of millions just a few months after it was founded.

Marvin Steinberg: Doers with a solid grip on the ground

With the same expertise and impressive commitment, Marvin Steinberg tackled his next business projects; one of them even made it to pole position in its industry worldwide.

How does Marvin Steinberg explain his unusual success, which has also proven to be unbroken in his other corporate projects Steinberg Marketing and Steinberg Invest?

The model entrepreneur cites confidence, truthfulness, visionary power, and a healthy extra portion of stamina as reasons for showing above-average results in the business and social sectors. To emphasize in the same breath that he has always attached great importance to never losing his grip on the ground and does not want to give up this closeness to the world, the way up is never straight, not even for me. But it is not to see unexpected disturbances as problems in my nature, but to view them strictly as solvable challenges. And above all, to get up again quickly after inevitable defeats, learn from mistakes, and continuously improve.

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