On a mission to revolutionize women’s health: MentalStark


Dipl.-Psych. Sally Schulze

On a mission to revolutionize women’s health — MentalStark

MentalStark develops online platforms for psychological support during medical treatments. Their focus is on women’s and reproductive health. They are a team of psychotherapists, software developers, and work closely with medical advisors. The team has been working the concept at Unibator in Frankfurt.

Concept? They help patients to stay strong during fertility treatment.

MentalStark is an online platform for fertility patients and their doctors. Fertility treatments can be extremely stressful for patients emotionally. This is where MentalStark comes in — with evidence-based patient information and direct access to individualized psychological online advice.

With MentalStark, psychological counseling for those wishing to have children becomes widely available and affordable.

What´s inside for patients?

Source of information — Browse through our knowledge database.
Personal conversation — Get individual support from psychologists.
Mood diary — Track your mood as a basis for event-related help.
Frequently asked questions — Benefit from the questions of others.
Relaxation exercises — Hold on by letting go.
Treatment Calendar — Record your appointments as a basis for personal support.

In case you don´t know, every tenth (!) Couple in Germany is involuntarily childless.

Wanting a baby and not being able to have one is arguably one of the worse strokes of fate that women can experience. Also, having children and having to raise them against one’s own wishes and dreams of freedom and independence is just as terrible.

These are just two examples of topics that we talk about much less often than we should.

“Women’s issues” aren’t just shoes, chocolate, and the latest gossip. Women’s issues are often enough existential — but are belittled, dismissed, or hushed up.

Mischa Zöller —Vera Claas — Sally Schulze

With MentalStark, Sally Schulze ,Vera Claas, and Mischa Zöller will fight for women’s issues having the space and the seriousness they deserve.

They are currently testing their platform for psychological online support on the subject of having children. Soon they will improve the psychological care of women in Germany, and in the long term, they will revolutionize international women’s health across national borders.

More about the project here:https://mentalstark.online/

On top listen to Dipl.-Psych. Sally Schulze at the next Women Who Inspire Rhein Main on-line session: https://www.facebook.com/events/384041989269693

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