Untap’d launches its operations in Europe Frankfurt, Germany to help create a global system of…


Untap’d launches its operations in Europe Frankfurt, Germany to help create a global system of connected vehicles

Untap’d, a start-up incubated under the Mainstage Incubator’s umbrella, that specializes in Connected Mobility has officially announced its operations in Europe having its foot in Frankfurt, Germany.

Untap’d started its journey back in 2017 from Sikkim, India. It was founded
by Sumit Thakur who is the current CEO. Sumit is passionate about solving
real-life problems faced by drivers all across the globe ranging from internet
connectivity in remote areas to access to early response providers in case of

“In 2017 I lost a close friend to a car accident and that became one of
the main triggers. I started digging into it and doing my research on
how the next generation of vehicles was going to operate in terms of
communication, in terms of detection, and in terms of driver safety… I
did not want anyone else to suffer the same fate she did.” Sumit

Untap’d increases driver-safety with a cost-effective peer to peer
communication between vehicles. The innovation enables Vehicles to
Communicate at a long-range without the need of a mobile network. The
devices are able to receive data from other vehicles and prompt the driver
for a safer ride. The result is that drivers are more aware of their
environment and consequently more alert.

The second product of Untap’d is iYoda catering to the Indian market. The
device is plugged into the OBD port of the vehicle. One then downloads the
Untap’d app and logs in on their mobile phone and that’s it. The device is
intelligent, it monitors the performance of the vehicle and gives reports to
the owner. It reports any issues that have occurred or which may occur and
cause a breakdown.

Sumit says that Mainstage Incubator has been very instrumental in its
growth. From mentorship to product design, operations, branding, and
building a pipeline of potential customers, partners, and more mentors.

“Mainstage has helped us literally in all aspects of our startup even including
pitching competencies which have helped us to be Germany National
Finalists in the Entrepreneurship Worldcup 2020”

“The vision was clear and all we needed were believers. AIC -
Sikkim Manipal University Technology Business Incubator and
Mainstage Incubator believed in our vision and it’s all because of them
that today Untap’d is scaling its business into the European market in
Frankfurt, Germany” says Yash (Co-Founder & VP R&D)

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Author of the PR: Samuel Mandillah
Contact [email protected]

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