Tribes opening a new location in Frankfurt


Tribes opening a new location in Frankfurt

Eduard Schaepman, announced this morning in a short but inspirational statement: “A double feeling this morning. In this dark period, in which one company after another brings bad news, we ourselves have a very positive message: we are opening a fourth location in Germany, in Frankfurt! Located in the Mariënforum, right in the financial heart of the city, on Mainzer Landstrasse 1, we are opening another 1,985m2 of inspiring workplaces. On the ground, 1st and 8th floors, a lot of business nomads will be able to work to their heart’s content.”

If you want to request questions:

Tribes Frankfurt Marienforum - Coming Soon

‘Why are you opening a new office now, when the message is that we should work from home?’

I hear you think. However, I’ve been shouting it for months, working from home doesn’t make anyone happier, and last Monday it was in the NRC as well. Even though the experiences have been positive, no one really likes to work completely from home. People want to go to the office, and especially to see each other again. About 50 to 70 percent misses their colleagues, and a large part of them has problems with their bodies (what do you want with that chair at the kitchen table?). But that balance: no travel time, doing a quick laundry in between, taking care of the children, it’s wonderful. So how are we going to solve that in the future? Through a combination, a few days from home, other days at the office, or by working closer to home! And you can do that at a coworking place of course, with good chairs and if you want, the social contacts around you that we all need so much.

more about Tribes approach to the subject, here:

Tribes leads the way again

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