Medtech start-up Implify is digitizing the market for dental implants


Last week, we found them at the Deutsche Startup article about #brandned 7 startups that everyone should know:

7 neue Startups, die wirklich jeder kennen sollte –

This Saturday, again at FAZ:

So we got curious to deep-dive on Implify. Here it goes!

Implify is a digital platform that digitizes the ordering process for dental implants and accessories. Implify creates cost advantages and a simplified ordering process for dentists and enables suppliers to improve market access and additional online reach. The start-up was founded this year! in July 2020 by Florian Schnorr, Marc-Philipp Kern and Steffen Weinlich. The company headquarters are obviously in Frankfurt am Main. What else?

Again, they are the first fully digital and central platform for dental implants and related products to be launched immediately. Thanks to the platform, dentists can order dental implants and the associated accessories for implant surgery online. In addition to cost advantages for dental practices, Implify promises functions that simplify planning, ordering and administration. The first manufacturers are already expanding their digital growth in cooperation with the young company. The first growth injection comes from a Frankfurt investor.

Implify replaces orders via telephone and fax

“Because I come from a family of dentists, I know the challenges behind ordering dental implants and accessories: The majority of dental practices in Germany still use the telephone or even the fax machine. That takes a lot of time and effort. Because the individual components are usually collected from large product catalogs. With Implify, we are now bringing digitization to dental practices. “

explains Steffen Weinlich, co-founder and managing director of Implify.

The range includes the products of a large number of manufacturers for dental implants, prosthetics, membranes, and bone grafting material. In the future, dental practices will be able to process their orders online via a central platform. This saves time when ordering and supports the planning of the implant surgery.

Dentists save time, manufacturers increase sales

To do this, Implify digitizes the manufacturers’ product catalogs and automatically guides them through the entire selection process. The specially developed configurator suggests all the components necessary for the implant surgery to the dentist.

Manufacturers of dental implants and accessories are improving their digital market access and reaching more new customers. In addition, the support of existing customers is much more efficient. By taking over the entire shipping process and first-level support, the back office effort for manufacturers is drastically reduced. The coronavirus crisis in particular has put manufacturers to the test: Sales, which are currently still heavily offline, have to do without direct customer contact. Implify offers a remedy here with its digital interface.

Growth injection from Frankfurt am Main

Implify was able to win the Policen Direkt Group from Frankfurt am Main as an investor to found the company. The growth spurt is used to further expand the central platform and targeted marketing campaigns.

“Implify’s digital approach and the founding team convinced us. We still see great potential for digitization in the medical sector, especially in the dental sector. That is why we are promoting Implify’s development into a European sales platform, ”says Simon Nörtersheuser, Managing Director of the Policen Direkt Group.

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