Inclusion and Integration with Talking Hands Flipbooks


Maria Möller, Laura Mohn

Laura Mohn and Maria Möller, the founders of talking hands, want to make their contribution to an inclusive and understanding society.

Unfortunately, inclusion is not yet a matter of course in many areas, and dealing with people with disabilities is still foreign to many.

That is precisely why it is important to teach children inclusion as a way of life from the start. Through Talking Hands they want to enable and simplify communication between children with and without disabilities so that no one has to grow up with feelings of isolation and a lack of understanding.

Laura’s sister is the inspiration for the project.. She has Down syndrome and so they know how daunting it can be not to be understood by the world and to feel marginalized.

Inclusion can only be successful if children with and without disabilities know how to communicate through sign language. This is why the project was created. It transforms sign language into an interactive game that excites all children and motivates them to learn.

A recent article at Journal Frankfurt:

Maria will be speaking at the next Roundtable of Female Founders from Goethe-Unibator and Women Who Inspire Rhein Main to share their story.

More about the event:

Women who inspire Rhein-Main – Unibator Edition

Follow their project here:

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