Celebreak in Frankfurt


In August 2017, I wrote an article about a fascinating project in my opinion.

The article is still available here https://station-frankfurt.de/2017/08/10/celebreak-your-new-football-lifestyle-brand/

The football lifestyle brand and the founders kept working on it and my GOOD NEWS now are CELEBREAK started in Frankfurt!

Let´s welcome (back) CeleBreak Football Community in our Frankfurt Valley and be part of it!

As you may know, they are organizing pick-up football sessions, in fields at two different locations in Frankfurt on different suitable timings. No matter the level, the intention is that everyone can participate in games and enjoy. That’s also why they have a chat after every session so that you can play and enjoy quality time with one of the most dynamic international football communities in Europe.

You can join any of their session by signing up and pay directly online your next session in the CeleBreak App.

All informations here: https://celebreak.eu/daily-football/frankfurt/

CeleBreak was born in 2014 out of the passion of two brothers and one cousin, Daniel and Sebastian Foth, and Gabriel Fustero Fernández.
They were indeed part of Social Impact Lab project in Frankfurt.

I remember suggesting them to join MMI from Eintracht Frankfurt…maybe next edition =)

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